Einzigartigkeit (uniqueness)? Dr. Schwab, what exactly do you mean?

Our philosophy is called Moment Management®

Every executive, every personality, every individual has capabilities and skills. Oftentimes, these are buried under stressful and “overheated” day-to-day operations. With my “readability”, which has been developed over decades, we will release your “Einzigartigkeit (uniqueness)” together. It will become clear to you where to find the “adjusting screws” on your personal map of life. Now, we will apply your own Moment Management® tools.

I have developed Moment Management® in three decades for and with managers & executives.
It will provide you with decisive advantages in action, development and sustainability, measurably increasing your efficiency. There are “treasures” in my communicative tool box, which “can” be available to you! For this purpose, please use my seven ways of successful (self-)presentation:

Perception: “You need to stand, move and decide in every moment, in the midst of hundreds of pieces of information every day. I will work with you on the “most valuable asset” you have: How do I “read” the other person, how can I interpret moods, how do I navigate between the various personal, political and professional parameters? I will show you the way between the marketplace and your personal magic.”

Attention: “Other people’s attention is an irresistible drug. In today’s I-society, you want to score with respect and be remembered. To achieve this goal, I will build a communication ladder with you. You will be surprised how people will follow you.”

Power of persuasion:
“If you can read the moment to achieve your goals, you are on your way to “other people’s needs: trust and safety! We will now design your personal pattern of communicative persuasion power together.”

“I am reachable and on standby for my coaching partners practically around the clock. Each requirement is solved now on the spur of the moment. I will show you how!”

Dedication: “You have a conference, a meeting, a competition, a partnership meeting or a TV appearance. Upon request, I will come with you and help you reflect your communicative foil before, during breaks, and after. This is how my coaching partners will achieve fascinating immediacy.”

Competence: “As a communication expert with 35 years of experience, I will quickly adapt to your needs. Creating new surprising moments from snapshots is the motto. My 360 degree angle will make a decisive contribution to your solution process. And it’s always new!”

: “Our first coaching session will take place at our coaching location or at your offices. In a perception and training SPACE equipped by me. After that, I will be reachable around the world via email, Whatsapp, Viper, SMS, Skype or my coaching hotline.”

In Dr. Schwab Coaching, you as an executive will learn to assess situations & understand the views of your team members in order to initiate any change process needed. The Moment Manager will keep “all senses and the central nervous system” open and make decisions. The company can rely on him, which makes him successful.

Public appearances, presentations & meetings are moments in which you will be the main focus of attention. With the right presentation techniques, you will learn to interact in front of an audience in a confident & convincing manner – without losing your own authenticity.

Dr. Schwab will support you with targeted presentation coaching from conception all the way to your appearance. Content structures and appearance behavior will be analyzed, optimized and customized to fit your personality.

The scope of a single, double, trio coaching session is geared exactly to your wishes & needs. Following anamnesis & analysis, we will define a personal coaching schedule together.
A dedicated questionnaire will support us in the process.

This is what the individual coaching schedule normally looks like:

  • Three coaching sessions with corresponding preparation and follow-up, amongst others including professional video technology, constant exchange on the application, appearance and communication behavior, reflection, sparring, strengths-weaknesses profile and spoken implementation.
  • Interactive escort at various events with the coach Dr. Schwab
  • Boosting the soft skills via: metaphors, story-telling, case studies, lessons learned and complementary redundant PowerPoint use.
  • Practical transfer to the lived organization chart of your company
  • Derivation for further coaching processes
  • Refresher with and without coach
  • Flexible crash coaching sessions