Leadership Coaching by Dr. Christoph Schwab

Outstanding executives are competent in terms of leadership and management, display powerful performance in the media, know their strengths and pursue their goals.

These are your goals:

  • Develop leadership and implementation skills
  • Set goals, develop strategies and generate success
  • Initiate and implement change processes
  • Successfully represent the company
  • New positioning within the company
  • Restructure and lead teams
  • Encourage, motivate and enable employees

Who are you leading, how are you leading and how sustainable is your leadership?

Important decisions need to be made – HR development is your responsibility! You are developing your employees. Trust and motivation are YOUR potential. Dr. Schwab will show you how you can train your capability to reflect and change views and procedures. In the process, Dr. Schwab’s business coaching will answer your questions about effective leadership styles and also support you in planning of your own career.

Mediation as medication!

Discussions, arguments & misunderstandings – when it comes to tensions between employees, executives are needed as conflict moderators.

Learn how to communicate & mediate emphatically. As a Dr. Schwab Moment Manager, solutions to conflicts at the workplace will be one of your strengths from now on.

You represent the company.

Steel yourself against unpleasant questions from journalists & media representatives even in difficult phases.

With Dr. Schwab’s media coaching, you will train your appearance & your quick-wittedness – the cornerstones of your strategy! You will be able to effectively place your (corporate) messages in the media.