Dr. Schwab’s self-management for executives

Execution-driven presentation training sessions as well as effective time & resources management by Dr. Schwab will get you in shape in terms of appearance, career planning and goal definition..

These are your goals:

  • Leave your clearly structured “mark” within the executive circle
  • Inspire employees and customers
  • With every speech, presentation, discourse – remain sustainably rooted in the memory of your listeners
  • Proactively design your professional future
  • Pursue (new) strategies
  • Analyze, outline and implement career opportunities
  • Make full use of your time and resources

Your presentation coaching – your performance strength at general meetings, supervisory board meetings or competitive presentations

If you would like to speak for your audience & for YOURSELF!

Public appearances, presentations & meetings are moments, in which all eyes & ears are on you. With the right presentation techniques, you will learn how to speak to an audience in a confident & convincing manner – without losing your own authenticity.

Dr. Schwab will support you from the planning stage all the way to your appearance with targeted presentation coaching & moderation training.

Dr. Schwab will help you identify your time thieves!

Moment-Management® is effective self-organization from time planning all the way to planning your own career. Together with you, the coach will set your goals & provide you with methods to achieve your goals.

For an ideal development of your strengths profile, Dr. Schwab Coaching places great emphasis on burn-out prevention and resilience monitoring.