Dr. Schwab Trainings

Training? How do you mean? Flexible through all industries for 30 years!

From A as in analysis to O as in orientation: In Dr. Schwab training sessions, the structure of your team is thoroughly analyzed and & redesigned. Defined “weak spots” are not an expression of incapability but a lack of orientation & thus your potential for optimization.

The key training goals are:

Develop AND follow through with commitments!

Your employees know their responsibilities, are able to make purposeful use of their skills & are seeking dialog within their team. Conflicts & issues are clearly communicated & competently solved. Processes are completed in a faster, more solution-oriented & reliable way.

Training methods by Dr. Schwab

  • Analyses of processes & organization charts, as any need for action can be seen here.
  • Development of the team feeling, as knowing your partners & appreciating their work will make for successful cooperation.
  • Lateral thinking & creativity, as finding solutions requires a change of perspective & unconventional ways of thinking.
  • Experience-oriented exercises, as what is comprehensible in theory will be internalized by practical experience.
  • 360° feedback in cooperation with the Institute for Management Innovation, as you can only learn if you see yourself through somebody else’s eyes.
  • Team training formats: amongst others ant trail, swarm studio, think tank, innovation lab, World Café