Successful corporate communication with Dr. Schwab

Launch your campaign for sustainable communication processes with Dr. Schwab: create values, boost your presence and increase customer satisfaction.

These are your corporate goals:

  • Clearly define corporate values
  • Promote your employees’ loyalty, commitment and motivation
  • Create and communicate a new identity structure
  • Apply event communication efficiently
  • Gain customers and boost corporate presence
  • Sensitize employees for the customer and take off “blinders”

Values and philosophy are the heart of the company.

Boost your team’s morale and loyalty. Solidify the positive public image of the company in order to stand out – Dr. Schwab training sessions will ensure that your Einzigartigkeit (uniqueness) finally shines in the spot light. In the process, your corporate values will be developed within the team, strategically planned and solidified.

Successfully implement new strategies!

Dr. Schwab will support and consult you in the conception and implementation of your powerful communication management. From actual analysis all the way to the development of new strategies and identities – Dr. Schwab’s communication consulting will let your company speak. As only practice makes perfect, customized training and kick-off sessions will guarantee movement, motivation and implementation strength of your team.

Opinions are like hardwoods – they shoot up and are quickly felled!

Critical situations require quick moment responses – the PR department is constantly exchanging blows with the press and the media. Dr. Schwab will train your team in strategic relations with journalists and in event communication.

“The customer is always right!”

In order to bring this motto to life, a professional service and support team is required. Skillful customer relations are essential for customer acquisition as well as customer retention. Increase your customer satisfaction – Dr. Schwab will make yours the best of all service teams!