Coaching? Dr. Schwab, what exactly do you mean?

Moment Management® is our philosophy, therefore the core competencies of Dr. Schwab Coaching are…

Putting yourself in somebody else’s position is often not enough for empathic behavior. Intensively dedicate two days to the correlations of empathy. Which type of person am I? How can I motivate others, criticize them without passing them over or even hurting them? The solution lies in empathic communication. Your coach Dr. Christoph Schwab will show you how it is successfully applied.

  • What is your self-perception based upon? Which impact does it have on your environment?
  • Get to know your own personality and your strengths
  • Use expressive abilities and apply them
  • Conceive new perception keys
  • Transmit and understand messages in the right way
  • Ask the right questions and “receive” other people in the right way

Training content:

  • Two intensive training days
  • Create your personal tool box
  • Analysis of self-perception and external perception
  • Speaking pattern and non-verbal communication
  • Communication and understanding
  • Practical exercises at a professionally equipped coaching location in terms of technology
  • Follow up the training content and documentation

Price: 980€ per day

Registration: by telephone at +49-(0)221-73 00 52 or via email at