Clear your mind. Set out on a journey.

Expand your horizon with us! Dr. Schwab Management GmbH in
the heart of Cologne, Germany, is your partner for customized success concepts..

EINZIGARTIG (unique) – This is the path to final success.. You are EINZIGARTIG (unique)! And an executive. You are about to take a big step in your career. You would like to inspire your team. Steer them on a new course. You would like to take a decisive step forward as Chairman, MD, CFO, CEO, Marketing or Communication Manager.
In doing so, you will deliver the most important speech of your life.

You would like to tackle a difficult leadership issue within your team. You are assisting in a merger of various cultures. You need to recruit executives and make every “shot count”.
The expectations of your employees, fellow executives, the supervisory board, customers, politicians and the market are high and constantly growing.
Works council and HR are always right in the middle of the process.

Every day, you are clocked through for weeks and need to make decisions in “split seconds”. You have 360 degrees of responsibility.
You know that you are really good. But you also know that you are able to add key percentages on top. This is the path to final success.

And that is exactly what will make the difference.

You are EINZIGARTIG (unique) and not replaceable – this is why I am using my 35 years of practical experience to work with you on this proverbial extra mile:

Perception, empathy, attention, movement, dedication, flexibility, power of persuasion, resilience, competences, attitude and presence..

I will show you the way between the marketplace and your personal magic. We will build your unique communication ladder; you will realize fascinating immediacy with your strengths. . IIt is not a coincidence to make the right decision in the moment. I will show you how.

We call it Moment-Management®..

Choose the 4% better path in your Einzigartigkeit (uniqueness)! I am looking forward to us sparring together. At eye level.

Yours truly,
Christoph Schwab


What is Moment Management®?

The moment is critical – decide that moment for you! Dr. Schwab stands for Moment Management® in coaching and developing leaders. Mental strength, self-confidence & the competence for direct acting are the decisive differences which qualifies you as manager and executive in front of others. Targeted training is the path to success. Moment Management® is a coaching strategy and at the same time your future strength – a goal we work towards together.
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